Friends of Stockport Cemeteries

About Us

The Friends of Stockport Cemeteries have been working closely with the council since early 2004 to establish improvements in all cemeteries and closed churchyards in Stockport.   The group liaises on a regular basis with the Stockports Cemeteries Service,  and plays an active role in determining the services future plans.


The group meets regularly.  We welcome new members. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in any of Stockport`s burial grounds, wishing to offer either moral or financial support, physical assistance or help with research and documentation.


We try to involve and work with other members of the community and examples of this are:  


Task Days  - we have worked with schools, youth and religious groups in our cemeteries to help with maintenance of the cemeteries.


Open Days  -  we invite people to come along to one of our cemeteries in Stockport, where were organise activities.


School Visits –   school children are invited to visit our cemeteries, activities such as stone rubbing, nature and monument trail walks take place.


Instigating improvements  - consulting with members of the community in and around the cemeteries and feeding back the information to the Cemetery Services.


We are also instrumental in obtaining funding from other sources to help bring about improvements to the cemeteries and closed church yards this enables the bereavement service budget to do more essential improvements sooner.  


The group organises social and fund raising events which are essential in keeping the group developing, one of which is our annual garden party which takes place during the summer.


If you have an interest in what you have read and would like more information about the group or to become a member please contact us.


Aims & Objectives

Overall we are working to bring about effective, long lasting improvements which will preserve and protect all Stockport`s cemeteries and closed churchyards.




  • Improve maintenance and have continual improvement of the public cemeteries in Stockport Metropolitan Borough so that they become areas which are aesthetically pleasing and they are places for which people have respect.


  • Integration of cemeteries and closed church yards into cultural life of town, school and community.




  • To meet regularly to discuss relevant issues relating to cemeteries and closed church yards and update the groups action plan.


  • To supplement maintenance by arranging and managing task days in cemeteries and closed church yards.


  • To seek funding not available to the council for improvements within cemeteries and closed church yards and assist the council in ways that are appropriate to help with running of the cemeteries and closed churchyards.


  • To encourage the use of cemeteries and closed church yards for use as a resource for schools and recreation facility for the community of Stockport.