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History and Nature

Cemeteries and closed churchyards record generations of local families and provide a link between those living today and people in the past  it is the group’s belief that these monuments should not be lost and forgotten, they should be seen on an equal footing with other heritage sites



Below is some text taken from Paradise Preserved English Heritage and English Nature 2002


"Cemeteries are highly valued by their local communities and others. First and foremost, cemeteries are places to respect and commemorate the dead, and so are important to the families and friends of people who are buried there. Local people also use cemeteries for exercise and relaxation and for study and enjoyment of nature and history."

Cemeteries hold a wealth of heritage information and are a natural wildlife refuge. This website gives you an insight into hidden gems in Stockport that are open and free for all to discover.





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Event at Brunswick Cemetery 31st August 2019 by FOSC the purpose of the day was to show off the renovation of an old cemetery in the centre of Portwood roundabout Stokport. The project wasd funded by Tersco and Vernon Bulding Society. Thank you from FOSC for all the hard work done by Manchester Army cadets – Reddish detachment.  More infomation on the news page.





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click here for more photos of the Centennial Commemorative Event at Willow Grove in 2018.


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